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HelenaMay_Book The history of The Helena May is documented in Helena May: The Person, The Place and 90 Years of History in Hong Kong written by Esther Morris with the assistance of Jenny Day and members of The Helena May History Group, published in 2006. HK$100/book
A taste of HelenaMay Culinary traditions are celebrated in A Taste of The Helena May, a compilation of member’s recipes and kitchen favourites. Produced by Judi Ellis and Helen Plumbly and the members of the Food and Beverage Committee. HK$50
Notelet_A A pack of 5 cards. HK$40
Notelet_B Notelets A pack of 10 cards. HK$40
Centenary Fan Centenary Fan HK$20
Centenary Coaster Set_Helenamay Centenary Coaster Set A set of 6 pieces with a stand HK$150/set

The Helena May Umbrella

The Helena May Umbrella Short HK$75