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Council – The Helena May Hong Kong


The Council is made up of voluntary subscriber and resident members, whose role is to manage the affairs of The Helena May.

Usha Casewell                   Chair of Council

Ruth Kan                           Vice Chair of Council (Chair of Publicity & Promotions Committee)

Patricia Hutton                 Co Honorary Secretary 

Lotte Andreassen             Co Honorary Secretary (Chair of Activities Committee)

Sabrina Ho                        Honorary Treasurer (Chair of Finance Committee)

Nicola Collins                        Chair of Library Committee 

Lucy Hill                                Council Member

Jennifer Lang                        Chair of Building Committee

Diane Rose                            Chair of Food & Beverage Committee

Tina-Louise Seib                   Chair of House & Garden Committee

Anne Woo                              Chair of Community Outreach Committee

Catriona Woodrow                Council Member

Linda Yiu                                Chair of Fundraising & Events Committee