COC upcycling
  • Recycling of glass bottles, metal cans and paper
  • Recycling of used cooking oil into biodiesel for vehicle / industrial fuel and resold locally
  • Recycling of electrical equipment
  • Recycling and donation of furniture, equipment, etc to Crossroads, Salvation Army & Refugee Union
  • Organise the Spring Clean Sale annually to promote recycle and reuse
  • Online Quarterly Magazine instead of mailing of hard copies
  • Selling of ex library books in regular second-hand book sales
  • Spring Clean Sale and Charity Bazaar are held regularly for selling second-hand and unwanted items. Profits are donated to the Charity of the Year. 
  • Collection of airline bags for repurposing for the underprivileged
  • Upcycling for Charity: The Community Outreach Committee converts used wine bottles, wine corks and jam jars into innovative products. Wines corks are used to create Christmas tree ornaments and fridge magnets, wine bottles are converted into hand painted lamps and jam jars are turned into elegant hand painted utility jars.  These products are sold at the Spring Clean Sale and the Annual Charity Bazaar to raise funds for the Club’s charitable initiatives. 
  • Plastic bottled beverages were not offered in the restaurant or banqueting.
  • Paper straws are offered for cold drinks upon request instead of plastic ones.
  • The stock of plastic shopping bags was responsibly treated by a specialist contractor to recycle into plastic raw materials for reuse. Paper bags are now used for takeaway items.
  • Plastic takeaway boxes were replaced by paper boxes.
  • A key-locked umbrella rack has replaced the use of plastic umbrella bags.
LED lighting 02
  • LED light tubes and bulbs have been extensively used in the Club premises.
  • Photovoltaic light sensors are installed to control outdoor lighting.
ocean friendly seafood 02
  • Ocean Friendly Seafood is offered on the Main Menu. The seafood in this menu has been selected from sustainable species in accordance with the WWF-Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide
  • No Shark’s Fin Pledge: The Helena May has pledged that no shark’s fin will be consumed in The Helena May or at Helena May catering and outdoor functions 
  • Omni pork and other vegetarian dishes are offered to promote “Eating Less Meat” to reduce methane gas and climate change
  • Water flow control valves have been installed in the taps throughout the public areas
  • Use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) copying paper
  • Reduction in Paper Usage: Reduction of paper used in the office is implemented through sharing documents on intranet, double-sided printing as well as printing on used paper 
  • The Helena May has joined the Business Environment Council as an Associate Member to gain industry best practice on environmental management